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December 15 2008

anyone have a fatty ipod (that plays video) i can borrow for the awful 12-14 hour plane ride from chicago to tokyo?
sending out christmas cards
finished christmas shopping, backing for japan.

December 14 2008

watching a christmas story with kadie - it'll shoot your eye out!

December 13 2008

nothing like putting in 7 hours of OT in on a saturday... finally logging off VPN.
5 days until Japan!
does this still work?

December 12 2008

hoping that kadie and i's coat rack actually stays on the wall this time...
auto bailout chokes in the senate. that'll learn ya!

December 10 2008

was logged into work until 9 last night - i'm still at home - NOT wanting to go in... :(
watching the dark knight.

December 09 2008

9 days until the jay-pan!

December 08 2008

I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL...sad to see it coming to an end this year.
mizzou landed a ticket to the alamo bowl - and baaarely stayed in the top 25....what a waste of a season.
i take that back - didn't want to spend $99 at this time... i can wait to have my items sync'd, nightly, when i charge my iphone...

December 07 2008

just renewed mobileme for a full year - yyyyyeah the trial sucked me in. i like being in sync...
in 11 days - i'll be in JAPAN!
doing some MAJOR cleaning around the apartment....

December 06 2008

"there is no balance due on this account at this time" - says amex - who cares?! there is a balance on my card - and i want to pay it - now!

December 05 2008

CP09 LL training tomorrow - wish me luck - if you don't know what CP09 is - consider yourself luck!
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